No Motivation To Blog

When I first started this blog, the only thing that I really wanted to do was to share my knowledge on how to take care of one’s body and in particular, their legs. Every new blog post that I make is a product of hours of careful research as well as writing. I do not want to create something that would embarrass me. I want to create something that I can actually be proud of. This is the main reason why I always take great care in writing blog posts.

Unfortunately, it seems that I am now in a rut. I do not seem to find the motivation tot blog. This is not just about finding the time to actually write about things that I wish to write about. It is the fact that I can no longer find anything to actually blog about. That’s right. I cannot think of anything else to write. I’ve been wracking my brain for the past few weeks but inspiration seems to avoid me. The only thing that I can think of to blog about is to complain that I cannot think of anything to blog about.

This is pretty crazy. The last few posts have been pretty easy for me. It is only recently that I’ve been having problems with the blog. Blogging used to be fun. But now, blogging is just something that feels like a chore. This is quite embarrassing for me. I’ve been trying to be a regular blogger for months but at this rate, I am not committing myself to blogging properly. Because of this, I believe I should take a break from blogging. Maybe a change in perspective can actually do me good. This change in perspective may be a big help.

I’m not quitting blogging forever. I am just trying to take a break. The only problem right now is that I do not know when I will be able to return to blogging. Because of this, I will just keep this blog active for now but there will be no new posts. Maybe in a few months, I’ll be back.

Always Repeat

Ultimately, what I have been trying to tell you guys is to always stick to a routine. It would be useless to start on something and then quit after just a few times of actually doing it. Then if you realize that it could really be good for you, you start again and then the same thing happens. I know this usually happens because I have been here before. However, I reached that point where I just really decided to just stick with it. It was all or nothing at that point.

I started out with the simple things like putting on moisturizer and going to the gym every once in a while to run on the treadmill. I did not pressure myself to do this every day because I knew that I would feel so stressed out about it and then I would get lazy eventually. I advise you guys to do the same. Do not think of it as something you really have to do because sometimes you would get overwhelmed with even this kind of responsibility. Sooner or later, you will get the hang of it and then you could do it more frequently than when you first started.

It is a matter of patience and dedication and once you continuously repeat something, eventually you will just think of it as part of your lifestyle already. Good luck!

Killer Heels

There is another way that you can trick people into thinking that you really have amazing legs. This is actually my favorite tip because it is fun and it is such a girl thing. If you have not guessed what I am talking about well let me just tell you. You need killer heels to be able to fake having long and toned legs. This is really a fact, believe me. When I wear five to six-inched heels, my legs really look endless. Plus, it exaggerates my treadmill-toned legs. It looks more toned and perfect. That is why I really grab every chance that I get when I can wear heels.

Some of my friends would wear heels and they would forget that they have insecurities when it comes to their thighs. This is because their thighs look really sexy when in heels. I know that it can be painful (sometimes, the best shoes are not always the most comfortable) but it takes sacrifice to look good and it is also why you need to take care of your legs. It is important that you pamper your legs after a long day of wearing heels because if not, you could get varicose veins and it can really make your legs look ugly. Being able to stand and walk in heels takes a lot of practice and thankfully, I work out a lot and running on the treadmill really helps me be able to work my killer heels for even a night of dancing.

Wax It

I know some people prefer shaving their legs because it does not hurt all whereas having your legs waxed brings a lot of pain especially if you are still new to it. Based on my experience, having my legs waxed is way better than shaving it. With waxing, you only do it once a month more or less but with shave, you really do it every so often, depending on your hair growth. Shaving only takes away the upper part of the hair and that is why when it grows, it becomes a lot thicker. With waxing, the root itself is removed so when it finally grows, it is much finer.

There is the cold wax and the hot wax. Hot wax is much more hygienic but I personally like having a cold wax more because it does not hurt as much. Yes, I do admit that even me who is so experienced to getting myself waxed all the time, I still experience pain but it is rather tolerable because by now, I am pretty much used to it already. Besides, the pain does not really last forever. It would sting but after a few seconds, that feeling would be gone. So really, it is not that big of a deal. If you want to be surer, you can take Advil before your appointment so that it would numb you from the pain.


Flaunt It

The best thing about working hard for something is when you get to confidently flaunt the results for the whole world to see. Before, when I was just starting to really care for my legs, I was also shy to wear clothes that would reveal too much of my legs. I did not think at that time that my legs were going to be my asset and I really tried my best to hide them under jeans and trousers. But when I felt like going to the gym and working on my legs were starting to pay off as well as following a regular regimen of moisturizers and whatnot, I immediately started flaunting them more often. I instantly changed my clothes from jeans and long skirts to shorter shorts and those really sexy dresses. I honestly felt really great and apparently, other people began to notice the changes that happened.

When they ask me what it was that I did, I would readily answer them that it was my dedication and determination to keep my legs looking silky smooth and toned that encouraged me to achieve my goal of having these amazing legs. Yes I also got lazy from time to time and I even made up excuses just to get out of a gym session but in the end, I realized that you only get what you give and if I did not give it my best, I would not have had great results.

If I could do it, so can you.


Moisturize is Key

I love putting moisturizer on my legs. For me, this is the most important step in taking care of your legs. As you all probably know, the same goes with the rest of your body and face. Specifically, when you want to take proper care of your legs, you must do this step all the time. You must also know how to do it properly. You must think that simply by slapping on some lotion or cream can already do the trick and smoothen up your legs. The fact is you must also do it the right way. It is said that you must put on moisturizer immediately after you shower or bath because the moist skin can be able to soak in the moisturizer more and retain it better than when you apply it later when the skin has already dried up. Take note, even the way you wipe your body has a proper way of doing it. In this case, you have to pat it dry and not rub it all over as this will help you retain the body’s natural ability to keep the moisture in your skin.

That is why ladies, you must put more effort in doing this. I know that most of us get lazy and skip this step. Now you must remember to do this as this is very essential to the whole process.


Back for More Exercise

Today, I spent a great deal exercising. I lasted for a good hour and a half on the treadmill. Not only does it tone up my legs, it makes me lose weight too. It really is a win-win situation for anyone. I love that even if I take a lot of time on the treadmill, I am still able to do things like read my magazines or watch my favorite shows on television. Like what you see on the movies with girls running on the treadmill and they are gossiping with their friends or watching a show on TV, I can do that too. Personally, I find working out on the treadmill really therapeutic. I really don’t know but I feel that way. I sure hope you guys can feel that way too. If you do, then it will be a lot easier for you to enjoy sweating yourself off on the treadmill too.

Care for your Sexy Legs

If you think that exercise and going to the spa are enough to make your legs look really beautiful, well you are wrong. These are never enough.

Another thing that you could do is to get your vitamin C. While you may eat your fruits and vegetables regularly, taking a multi-vitamin or vitamin C pill can ensure you are getting the proper amount. Vitamin C will help increase your circulation which will help prevent veins from showing up on your legs. This is especially helpful than you love wearing heels like me. High heels are not the best way to show some love for your legs but what can you do, you have to wear heels.

Also remember to drink lots of water. Water is great for your entire body, including your legs. During the summer, heat can be tough on your skin, so be sure you stay hydrated by consuming at least 10 glasses of water each day. I really swear by this as well. You need to always hydrate your skin and if you do not do this, you can usually end up with really dry skin.

Lastly, keep them moisturized. You can never over-moisturize your legs. You might also consider using a moisturizing lotion that contains skin-tightening properties. Apply the lotion in the morning, at night and any available time in-between.

These are just some of the most important things that you can do to make your legs look extra beautiful and glowing.

The Spa Treatment

Another tip that you could use is to regularly go to the spa and have your legs pampered especially if you had a tiring day or week at work wearing heels. Heels or not, your legs and feet still need a lot of tender loving care so what I always do is go to the spa as often as my schedule lets me.

You could probably also do this at home but what is the fun with that? Besides, you are supposed to be taken care of and relax even just for an hour or two. That is why I really prefer paying for the service of an expert than having to do it myself. Usually, if I do attempt to do it at home, I end up feeling more tired and the other parts of my body would ache too. Only my legs and feet would feel really nice. That is why I really suggest that if you could spare a few dollars on spa, go for it. Trust me, it feels so much better there than at home.

After a day at the spa, you will surely feel so good and fresh that you would think that you are ready to take on anything.

One: Exercise

The most important thing that I do to maintain my healthy and radiant looking legs is to go to the gym and exercise. Basically, since I do not really want to put on really huge muscles, I just keep long on the treadmill. It not only helps me strengthen my legs but it also helps me with my cardio. I have never been really the athletic type and when I do sports or anything that requires a lot of body movement, I tend to get tired easily. But ever since I work out, it has really helped me a lot in that department. Now I can actually travel and even explore especially when I go to a resort or something that is near to nature.

It would be great if you already have a treadmill on your own home so that you would not have to spend more on your gym time. Some gym also requires membership fees so that would not necessarily be beneficial to you since you would only use the treadmill anyway. However, if you must go to the gym, well there are a lot more equipment that could help you with your legs as well besides the treadmill. Just be careful not to go with those equipments that would make you really bulk up. That would be fine if you intend to be really sporty and do marathons or whatnot but if you only want to have delicately toned legs, than running on the treadmill should be enough.